Monday, July 2, 2012

July 1, 2012  marks the 25th Anniversary of the foundation of Kellenberg Memorial High School by the Marianist Province of Meribah.

The following letter was read at the celebration which was sent from Rome by the Marianist Superior General.
Superiore Generale
Rev. Philip K. Eichner, SM, President 
Bro. Kenneth M. Hoagland, SM, Principal 
Kellenberg Memorial High School 
1400 Glenn Curtiss Blvd. Uniondale, NY 11553

Rome, July 1, 2012

Dear Fr. Philip, Bro. Kenneth, and all Members of the Kellenberg Memorial Family,

It is with great joy that I greet you on this happy occasion! The entire Society of Mary joins me in offering congratulations to you as you celebrate the Twenty- fifth Anniversary of Kellenberg Memorial’s foundation.

What began as an idea, amidst some trepidation and a lot of unknowns, has blossomed over these years into something wonderful. You, the Firebirds, have become a beacon of light revealing an amazing center of excellence in the realms of education, Faith expression, Catholic identity, and personal generosity and commitment. For twenty-five years, you have spread that light in all directions, so that one can truly say, the world is a better place because of Kellenberg Memorial.

Of course, this did not happen by accident! It is the result of much effort, often difficult, but always committed to the values and philosophy of Catholic education in the Marianist way. Your motto, One Heart and One Mind has been more than a catch phrase. In fact, it has been the vehicle that has brought you this far. The union of so many people: Marianist Community, faculty, students, parents, alumni, serves to give strength and meaning to every part of life at Kellenberg, as well as preserve it for generations to Kellenberg Memorial 25 Anniversary Celebration July 1, 2012.

United with all of you, of course, has always been our Blessed Mother, Mary, and her Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord. They have been present with you all throughout these twenty-five years, not only in the exquisite artwork that graces much of the school and its retreat houses, but in the very soul of the Kellenberg Family.

We pray today that through the intercession of Blessed Chaminade, Mary might continue to guide and protect all the members of the Kellenberg Family and Jesus may bless its future with many more years of grace.

May the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, be glorified in all places, through the Immaculate Virgin Mary!

Sincerely Yours,

Manuel J. Cortés, SM 
Superior General