Tuesday, August 31, 2010

St. Maximilian and generosity

The Greatest Commandments

When I hear this gospel, I think of one saint. A man who truly exemplifies what it means to love God and to love thy neighbor. This saint is Maximilian Kolbe. Maximilian Kolbe was ordained a priest in Rome. He had a deep devotion to Mary and through this devotion he established a sodality called “The Militia of Mary Immaculate”. He promoted this sodality throughout Poland. A little while after that, Maximilian Kolbe, under the Patronage of Mary, continued to spread his faith in Japan. This was a hard task because WWII was just beginning. He then returned back to Poland, and because of his faith, he became imprisoned in Auschwitz. While he was there he offered up his life for another prisoner (who had children). Truly being compassionate towards thy neighbor.

But how can we live like Kolbe did? Generosity is another way that we can express our love toward our neighbors. Today at Queen of Peace residence, one of the sisters was having car troubles. I was already running a bit late to the event and I was about to walk right past her. But as I approached the sister I thought, about Kolbe and loving thy neighbor. So I offered my help. It’s in these little things we do, that we show love for our neighbors.

Maximilian Kolbe truly exemplifies what it means to be Christian and to love God and to love thy neighbor. Maximilian Kolbe was a man who not only learned about his faith, but also lived it. We are all called to live this way. For this how Jesus lived His life, and we are ultimately called to live like Him.

Saint Maximilian Kolbe, Pray for Us!
(Contributed by a student at one of our Marianist high schools)

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Pray for the Canonization of Blessed William Joseph Chaminade
"What ought not to be our confidence in Mary knowing, as we do, that she is all-powerful; not of herself, it is true, but because of her influence with her divine Son; knowing, that she is our Mother, our true Mother, nor merely by adoption, since she has adopted us at the foot of the cross, but furthermore because she has given birth to us by grace, through her divine Son! Oh! How blessed is the man who places his trust in Mary! "
Blessed William Joseph Chaminade