Friday, August 27, 2010

Service not recognition

Blessed Teresa of Calcutta - Pray for us!
"Keep the joy of loving God in your heart and share this joy with all you meet especially your family. Be holy – let us pray."
 "I once picked up a woman from a garbage dump and she was burning with fever; she was in her last days and her only lament was: ‘My son did this to me.’ I begged her: You must forgive your son. In a moment of madness, when he was not himself, he did a thing he regrets. Be a mother to him, forgive him. It took me a long time to make her say: ‘I forgive my son.’ Just before she died in my arms, she was able to say that with a real forgiveness. She was not concerned that she was dying. The breaking of the heart was that her son did not want her. This is something you and I can understand."

"Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin."

"Like Jesus we belong to the world living not for ourselves but for others. The joy of the Lord is our strength."
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Pray for the Canonization of Blessed William Joseph Chaminade

"What does it mean to love God with one’s whole mind? It means to walk in his presence, and to think often of him; it means to exercise our zeal, and to put forth our best endeavors so as to make him loved; it is to do what pleases him, and to avoid what displeases him, and to conform all our thoughts to his divine wisdom."
Blessed William Joseph Chaminade