Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Vocation is a Call not a Feeling

Last week a sophomore asked me after Midday Prayer in the Chapel: "How did you ever decide to become a Marianist Brother?" Now, I coukd take that question in many ways. Should I read into the question. Was I reading into the question?

Before I even had a chance to respond the young student asked, "Didn't you want to get married?" It's a pretty hard task to explain something that is so mysterious and so personal in the four minutes between classes. But I did not want to miss the opportunity that God was giving me at the moment.

Did I ever want to get married? Well, sure I thought about getting married. Would I find Mrs. Right, get married and have a family? Maybe, these things happen, except, that I wasn't looking for Mrs. Right.

I think the reason why I wasn't looking for love was because I'd already found it. I had fallen in love with God. When someone realizes that they have a religious vocation what they realize is that they are being asked to love in a unique way.

I have at times desired to get married and have a family and be a father, but that desire is very different from being called to live all those things. A vocation is about a calling, not a feeling.

I believe that God has created me to love Him and to show my love by dedicating my life to the service of others.This call is mysterious, it is breathtaking, it is joyful, it is a gift. With hope, faith and love, I am on a journey with the goal of reaching Heaven.

HOW? God asked, and I said Yes.

Please pray that I continue to remain faithful to that call.