Saturday, December 19, 2009

Vocation: Fear of disappointment

O FLOWER OF JESSE, You have been raised up as a sign for all peoples; kings stand silent in Your presence; the nations bow down in worship before You. Come, let nothing keep You from coming to our aid.

O Christ, living sign of the Father’s love, we adore You as the Center of our lives. You are our model for grace, truth, and living in the light of the Father. Be our strength in times of sorrow and trouble; be our joy in times of sadness; be our light in the darkness of sin and our troubled world. We are in awe of Your holy Presence. May we rejoice and share the signs of Your coming with one another. Amen.

Fear of disappointing others:
Many think that they will disappoint parents, family and friends should they not become a religious. In this case, people really have to listen to the Spirit within and try to do what they truly believe they should be doing. If they try formation and discern it's really not for them, that's okay.

People who fear their vocation decision will disappoint others need open, honest dialogue with family and friends about their vocation. Like the one in discernment, family and friends have been in a questioning state of mind. Thus, they too, may gain peace of mind if the vocation is at least tested.

This is an important point. Rather than being disappointed, if the loved one doesn't continue, family and friends may be put at ease knowing a serious question has been explored and answered. Never exploring the vocation question would probably be more disappointing.