Saturday, July 4, 2009

We are All Missionaries

Each summer two members of the Meribah Province travel to the Solomon Islands to assist Bishop Chris Cardone, O.P.(pictured above) in the work of education. This year Brothers Timothy and David arrived on Tuesday, June 16th to begin our missionary work.
Our Brothers were the guests of Archbishop Adrian Smith(pictured above.) As always the Bishop was a most gracious host sharing not only his house but his wealth of stories from his more than 4o years of service in the Solomon Islands.
There were almost 100 young men and women aged 17-24 who gathered for the weekend program. The theme: Say YES to Christ, YES to the Church and YES to the CHOICE for holiness. As always the young people were most receptive and eager to learn new things. On Saturday night all were treated to Disney’s “Wall-E,” which brought squeals of delighted laughter from the crowd.
As they say in the Solomons,

Lukum ui – See you soon!