Saturday, October 19, 2019


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I have a 7-year-old granddaughter by marriage named Madeline. She is blond, skinny and tall for her age. ...

What I want Madeline to know is that the best thing about prayer is the relationship itself. Whether or not she gets what she asks for, I want her to keep asking. I want her to pester God the same way she pesters her mother, thinking of 12 different ways to plead her case. I want her to long for God the same way she longs for her father, holding fast to him even when his chair is empty.

When she complains that none of this does any good, I am going to ask her to tell me the difference between how she feels while she is praying versus how she feels when she thinks about giving up. If I am lucky, she is going to tell me that she feels more alive when she is praying, and that is when I will tell her the story about the persistent widow ... .

-Barbara Brown Taylor, "Bothering God," Christian Century, March 24-31, 1999, 356.