Thursday, April 25, 2019

Easter Thursday

Two thousand years have come and gone, and the very same is true today. The resurrection is still being reported by people who have caught a glimpse of the risen Jesus in the middle of human life. Such sightings aren’t face to face, and they don’t include Easter morning foot-grabbing. But eyewitnesses still report that Jesus is alive and active, in the lives of both individuals and communities.

The risen Jesus works through individuals in surprising and life-changing ways.

Think about who, in your life, has been a bow for the flight of others. Such people reveal the risen Christ, alive and active in the world today.

In our Christian faith, the very same is true: Look at the findings that have been around for a while, enduring the test of time. Jesus is alive and well, in people who share the Gospel and act as a bow for the flight of others. He is active and effective, in communities that love God and neighbor while working to build up the kingdom of heaven on earth.

Christ is risen, just as the women and the guards reported.