Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Gift of Christmas - salvation comes through the love of a human

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This is a night and the day when each one of us who takes the time to do so, can gaze into the face of the Christ Child and see the light of hope, the power of courage and the energy to take up life and live it fully.

This is a night and a day to gather with family and friends, to sing or talk, to play games or to walk, to eat and share stories, but above all to notice one another, and to see God’s people, the people who walked in darkness but now see a great light.

Look into the fear and death that surrounds you or even fills your heart, and know that God is gazing at you from the heart of mercy, bringing light to darkness and life where there seems only death. 

Know this: Christ reigns from the throne of your human heart if you give him room in the inn of your being. His reign is mercy.

 Rejoice oh Daughter Zion! Your salvation comes through the love of a human - conceived and born - to disclose and share love alone.

This is the gift of Christmas.