Sunday, December 4, 2016

Advent - Patience 2

Image result for advent waiting"Be patient," says St. James.

Seek to live as those who are already citizens of the kingdom of God. 

We wait for Jesus to return and make the world what it was intended to be -- a reflection of our God of grace and love.

Advent is a time of patiently waiting, a time to prepare, a time to remember. During this season, we cry out with our children, "Please, Christmas, don't be late."

In patience, we enter into the presence of Christ with us every day, living as though the return has already happened.

Patience is not grumbling about our brothers and sisters because we know there is a better day to come. Patience is trusting that our struggle is in Jesus' hands, even when we cannot see the outcome. Patience is living today as if Christmas has already come, as if Jesus has already returned.

And so we patiently wait and prepare. Please, Jesus, don't be late.