Thursday, October 20, 2016

Right-to-die law

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You may have read the story from the Netherlands in which a person who has decided that they have "completed their life" can end it with the physician-assisted suicide law. That is, even if they are not ill, they can end their lives if they feel their lives are "complete." To me, this is the slippery slope that we have all rightly feared. Here is that piece, from Crux:…/dutch-set-permit-euthanasia-complete…/

Increasingly it seems that the hidden danger in this law will be with people who are coerced into thinking that they are a burden to others, that they are "worthless" for their illness, or, in the case, below, will be taken advantage of because of their race. All of these are important questions to consider.

D.C. Council is set to pass bill allowing doctors to prescribe fatal drugs to terminally ill patients.