Friday, October 28, 2016

Enter into the beautiful paths of faith

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I must share with you a sentiment that has been dominant in my heart for a long time. It is an almost constant fear that God is withdrawing His blessings from St. Remy… I think we are still doing some good there; but what is this good before God if we do it seeking ourselves; if we do it for ourselves, for our glory, our own esteem, our own motives, etc., than really and solely in the interests of religion and of the Society? … I have often thought of it, especially in the presence of God, and here is my answer: nothing will ever change for either of you unless you both enter into the beautiful paths of faith, the same as you once did by an entire devotedness to the service of our good Master and of His august Mother.

Blessed William Joseph Chaminade
(607 – 5 November 1831. To Bro. Clouzet).