Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Love of God

Every time we make a friend, every time we fall in love,
every we time we fail
and every time we turn to God
in faith and prayer,
we open ourselves
to an unfolding truth,
the whole of which
is yet unknown to us:
it is yet to be revealed.

Every time we render ourselves vulnerable
to the love of God and others,
the unfolding truth of our experience
will bring us to situations we didn't expect to face
and to places we never expected to visit.

But we will never be duped by the Lord.
In the Lord there is mystery, but never duplicity.
In the Lord there is wisdom, but no chicanery.
In the Lord there is the fullness of truth which unfolds
and is revealed to each of us not all at once, by only day by day.

And in the truth of our lives
is the mystery and the wisdom of the Cross,
in whose shadow we pray this morning.

In the Bread and Cup of the Eucharist
may the Lord come into our hearts.
May we be warmed by the fire of his love within us
and, surrender, once more,
to the Lord who is the truth of our lives.