Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Sunday Word

Luke 12:13-21

We all know that Christianity is not a "one-size-fits-all" spirituality. Among the tremendous diversities and freedoms we enjoy in our faith, there is even a diversity about how many "possessions" each of us can handle.

Clement of Alexandria explored this truth when he somewhat tongue-in-cheek observed that there is a certain similarity between our eternal "souls" and the "soles" of our feet. Each soul has a different size. Just as everyone gets a different "sole size," so everyone gets a unique "soul size." Possessions must fit the person -- they will be cumbersome and uncomfortable if too large; painful if pinched. One soul might require large amounts of space, but very little music. One soul might need symphonies, but have only a slight require- ment for fine food. One soul might long to taste every gourmet "goody" that comes his/her way, but need only a humble abode.

That is why, as the Parable of the Talents teaches us, inequality does not spell injustice. We all share as equals, but we are not all given equal shares. It is not inherently wrong for one person to possess more than another person because each person has many different needs, some of them more costly than others. The soul can be an expensive thing to grow. It may need books, music, art, travel and beauty. Jesus made all these things a part of daily bread.