Thursday, August 8, 2013

Joyous and affable demeanor

Timothy Cardinal Dolan and the Marianists at Copacabana beach during
World Youth Day - Rio 2013

The Marianist of the Province of Meribah are on its annual retreat.

Pray for us as we Relax, Renew and Rekindle.

We will keep you in our daily intentions at the Community prayers and at Mass.

“Teaching is only a means that we employ in the fulfillment of our mission which is to disseminate everywhere the spirit of faith and of religion and to multiply Christians.”

“No angry wrinkle should mar the brow, a joyous and affable demeanor attracts youth, but a cold and solemn one repels it.”

“A teacher can not succeed with a pupil whose esteem and friendship he/she has not gained.” 

(Blessed William Joseph Chaminade)