Friday, August 16, 2013

The Faith of a Rio Pilgrim

World Youth Day pilgrim Mark Campmier talks a
walking tour during a break in Sao Paulo.
The Province of Meribah travelled to World Youth Day Rio 2013 with 120 pilgrims. While stories have been told, pictures have been shared and great graces received we can never stop doing what Pope Francis has asked us to do. In the theme of World Youth Day the Holy Father asked each of us to "Go and make disciples." He asked us to join in the Church's New Evangelization when we return home.

And that new evangelization is about living our faith at home. It’s harder to grow in faith for us than for those hearing the Gospel for the first time. So in our homes, our schools, our workplaces it is the best place to spread the Gospel.

One of our pilgrims shared his World Youth Day experience with his pastor and his parishioners in a short video which is a marvelous example of what our Holy Father has asked us to do when we return home. Take a look at the link below today and enjoy the faith of a Meribah pilgrim.