Saturday, June 1, 2013

We are all missionaries

The founder of the Marianist Family, Blessed William Joseph Chaminade, wrote “You are true missionaries. Teaching youth is certainly not the end that you should have proposed to yourselves when consecrating yourselves entirely to God under Mary’s protection: teaching is only a means that we employ to complete our mission, that is, to educate in faith and to multiply Christians.”

With this as our focus, we invited Bishop Christopher Cardone, O.P. to share his life as a missionary in the Solomon Islands where he is the Bishop of the Diocese of Auki to Kellenberg  Memorial this week.

As part of his presentation, Bishop Chris shared his pectoral cross which is made from shark teeth (which serve as currency even today in the Solomon Islands) and are consider precious.

He also shared his vision and mission of the people of the South Pacific. Students took the opportunity to ask Bishop Chris all sorts of questions. Their questions stemmed from the process of cooking to the length of their outdoor liturgies.

Kellenberg Memorial is seeking donations for the Diocese of Auki in the Solomon Islands that might assist Bishop Chris and his work.