Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mary in our Life

By the gift of faith, 
the Virgin Mary totally opened herself 
to the mission the Father gave her in his plan of salvation.

Jesus was formed in her by the Holy Spirit. 
He willed her to be the promised Woman,
sharing in all his mysteries. 

When his hour had come,
he proclaimed her our Mother. 

Like the beloved disciple, we accept Mary as a precious gift of God.

Moved by Jesus' love for his Mother, 
we dedicate ourselves to her so that the Holy Spirit, 
in whose action she cooperates with a mother's love,
may form us more fully to the image of her Son. 

By our alliance with Mary,
we seek to assist her in her mission 
of forming in faith a multitude of brothers for her first-born Son.

In Mary is summed up the longing and searching 
of the whole human race for God: 
she is the first among those who believe in Jesus Christ
and the first to be saved from evil and death.

The Rule of Life
Society of Mary