Thursday, May 6, 2010

EASTER JOY: God’s Plan for Us

I just love the way God sends me reminders that He cares for me and that He is in charge of my life, watching out for me. God is concerned about you and actually has great things planned for your future. It is hard to believe sometimes when we are in the midst of life, especially when it appears that uncertain times are ahead. We must always remember though, that our lives really aren't our own. After all, God does have plans for us here. We just need to discern how we are to carry out His wishes. For example, I believe God is calling me to accept a religious vocation.

God’s plan for me started in my own household. My parents insisted we go to Mass every Sunday. In 5th grade, I became an Altar Server and in 8th grade I became a Lector. As a Mass lector and server I give a valuable service to God and His Church. I am still very active in these two ministries of the Church.

After 6th grade finished I had a decision to make; should I go to my public school or should I go to Kellenberg for 7th Grade? So I applied to Kellenberg and I was accepted. At Kellenberg I continued the service that I started in my parish. Whether it is serving food at a dinner or assisting at the monthly school Mass, I continue to offer service to my school.

In addition, Kellenberg has given me so many opportunities to improve my faith life. Daily Mass, Midday prayer, Holy Hours at the Seminary, XLT, and Eucharistic Adoration on Mondays, have helped my faith life  increase tremendously. The opportunities to develop spiritually just kept knocking at my door. As a junior, I was given the opportunity to go to the March for Life and the Diocesan Pilgrimage. Both were great experiences in my faith life. Finally, I was recently commissioned a Eucharistic Minister, which was probably the greatest step in my faith life.

Now, God sometimes plants certain people in your life. This past year I met a newly ordained priest at my parish. I have become great friends with him. He is a great person to talk to about my faith and he has introduced me to things I have never known. For example, I experienced my first Holy Thursday Chrism Mass at Saint Agnes Cathedral . These opportunities are all part of God’s plan for me. When I think about all that has happened in my life and all the opportunities that God has given me, I am so grateful.

Because I chose to attend Kellenberg, and because I chose to become friends with the priest in my parish, my faith has grown significantly. Partaking in these opportunities has allowed me to grow in many ways. God has a purpose for me. I need to discover what that purpose is for me.
Contributed by a Marianist high school student

We are accused of pompously eulogizing Mary and are blamed for the honor we render her . . . Can we really assert too much, do too much, provided that we do not declare her equal to the Divinity, provided that we make a distinction between worship of her and that of the Divinity? What hath God said of Mary? What hath he done for her? He is our model!
Blessed William Joseph Chaminade