Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Fratelli Tuuti - 5

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The 4th Chapter of Fratelli Tuuti is entitled: A heart open to the world.

In this chapter we focus on the theme of migration.

Pope Francis writes with their lives “at stake," fleeing from war, persecution, natural catastrophes, unscrupulous trafficking, ripped from their communities of origin, migrants are to be welcomed, protected, supported and integrated. 

Unnecessary migration needs to be avoided, Pope Francis continued, by creating concrete opportunities to live with dignity in the countries of origin. But at the same time, we need to respect the right to seek a better life elsewhere. In receiving countries, the right balance will be between the protection of citizens' rights and the guarantee of welcome and assistance for migrants. Specifically, Pope Francis points to several “indispensable steps, especially in response to those who are fleeing grave humanitarian crises”: to increase and simplify the granting of visas; to open humanitarian corridors; to assure lodging, security and essential services; to offer opportunities for employment and training; to favour family reunification; to protect minors; to guarantee religious freedom. What is needed above all – the encyclical states – is global governance, an international collaboration for migration which implements long-term planning, going beyond single emergencies, on behalf of the supportive development of all peoples.