Sunday, March 3, 2019

By it I see everything else

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C.S. Lewis once famously commented that he believed in Christianity just like he believed in the sun: “Not only because I see it,” he said, “but because by it I see everything else.” 

Remarking on Lewis’ comment, Brandon Ambrosino, who covers culture and religion for, wrote, “That’s how I see Jesus’ resurrection; not so much an event I look at, as an event I look through. For me, it remains the interpretive key to the entire universe. And though it might seem improbable and primitive, we’re all aware that the idea is writ large across both our imaginations and even the cosmos. Each morning, the sun is reborn; each spring, harvests come back to life; after each disappointment, our dashed hopes are reanimated, and soar to even newer heights. For all the death and evil and greed and ugliness of our world, I can’t shake the fact that every last atom of this place is pulsing in time with the rhythm of resurrection”