Thursday, October 19, 2017

Daily Reflection

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Today's reading from Romans continues yesterday’s theme which Paul tells us that we are not justified by our works but by our faith. He uses Abraham, our Father in Faith, as his example. Abraham did many good things and could have boasted about them but what justified him was the fact that he put his faith in God. 

This was partly to ‘correct’ a belief that saw Abraham justified because of his actions after God’s call rather than because of his faith in God. 

In our Gospel text from St. Luke we see Jesus teaching the people and his disciples and reminding them that everything that is said and done is known to the Father. He also tells the disciples that they need not fear those who can kill our mortal bodies. We can fear those who can kill the spirit also which is far more serious. For this is spiritual part is the immortal part of our being. Trust in God will prevent such a thing from happening.