Thursday, June 8, 2017

Spirit thinking

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N.T. Wright reminds all of us that the presence of the Spirit makes a big difference in how we actually live our lives, not just how we actually feel.

In corporate America, there've been some major tweaks that have not had a desirable effect. Think of Comcast, the cable company and Internet giant. It decided to rename itself "Xfinity" back in 2010, in 11 of its U.S. markets. "Xfinity?" asked one person. "What the heck does that mean?"

According to one source at the time, "Comcast hopes the new moniker will help customers forget the high prices and poor customer service for which the company has been criticized in the past." What they really need to do is take steps to offer their customers a more positive experience. Otherwise, the rebrand goes bad.

God's work in us always goes deeper than just a name change. When God wants to create something span-kin new, he begins by liberating us from sin and helping us to overcome it. Then, God replaces selfish-thinking with Spirit-thinking.