Thursday, June 15, 2017

Our Father

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Pope Francis spoke of the Lord's Prayer last year when he said,

"The ‘Our Father’ prayer is the cornerstone of our prayer life. If we are not able to begin our prayer with this word, our prayer will go nowhere.”

“Father.” It’s about feeling our Father looking at me, feeling that this word ‘Father’ is not a waste of time like the words in the prayers of pagans: it’s a call to Him who gave me my identity as his child. This is the dimension of Christian prayer – ‘Father’ and we can pray to all the Saints, the Angels, we can go on processions, pilgrimages … all of this is wonderful but we must always begin (our prayers) with ‘Father’ and be aware that we are his children and that we have a Father who loves us and who knows all our needs. This is that dimension.”