Friday, June 2, 2017

Marianists - embracing Mary & community

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The Marianist way: holy women and men, lay and Religious, living and praying in communities, convinced that through Mary, Christ can be born into each age through our holi­ness and our Gospel service. 

To embrace Marianist community, as a lay or Religious member, is to open oneself or one’s family to the adventure of real Gospel liv­ing. We allow Mary to change how we pray and how we relate to each other. Perhaps most importantly, through our prayer and com­munity, we allow Mary to help us see with new eyes the critical, unmet human needs around us and to give us the courage to re­spond. Consequently, just like our wonderful Marianist ancestors, in small and incremental ways, we will transform the world for Christ in our families, on our blocks, and in our neighborhoods.

Brother Stephen Glodek, SM