Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Bicentennial letter - Venerable Adele

The icon and its pilgrimage

As a special celebration of our charism during the bicentennial, a uniquely Marianist icon is traveling the Marianist world.

The icon triptych includes a depiction of the wedding feast at Cana created by an Italian Marianist, Bro. Salvatore Santacroce. Flanking the art are original letters penned by Venerable Adèle de Batz de Trenquelléon and Blessed William Joseph Chaminade.

The Adèle letter with a translation is printed below.



O my God, I consecrate this year to you in reparation for the failings of the past ones.

Let us continue to prepare our hearts, dear Agathe, for the holy state which we shall soon embrace. It seems that Father [Chaminade] intends to establish us sooner than we expected. If only this could be right after Easter! Ask Mme Belloc to hurry with the leasing of the house, and see to it especially that the house will be empty of occupants by Easter week. I think the arrangements should be complete before Father arrives, for he intends to bless the house.

He wants each one to give him in writing the reasons for opting for the religious state, etc. He wants to know whether all are properly motivated.

I had asked Mme Belloc to write on your behalf, but I think it is better you do that yourself. Send me all the letters when they are ready.

Ask Mme Belloc to send me both the baptismal name and the family name of Aimée, for I do not know them. Should you have any details about the young lady from Golfech, please let me have them. Encourage Henriette de Sainte-Croix to write to Father.

Farewell. I am in a hurry. I embrace you in spirit in the stable of Bethlehem. Let us join the holy Magi who are going there to adore the Savior. Let us imitate their courage and their unselfish faith.

Désirée asks you kindly to buy her a small white shawl, of brocaded silk and cotton, about three feet long. It is for a second cousin of hers.

I have received the cotton. After you buy the shawl, I will repay whatever I owe you.

I am sending Mme Belloc money for two Manuals; that leaves 50 centimes for the poor woman of Bordeaux. Those were the last two that she sent me from Saint-Avit.