Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Word

Today's reading from Paul is exciting. It is exciting because the text from Galatians tells that Christ has swept away the conditions of the old law. We are all set free from the forced guardianship of the law. Saint Paul calls Christ the true offspring of Abraham, the first heir of the abundance promised to that patriarch. It is through Christ -- through our baptism in Christ -- that we are now Abraham's children. Through Christ, we become descendants of Abraham and full participants in the promised land of abundant life.

WE are heirs to this promise and we must keep faith with Christ. True heirs to the promise of abundant life.

Our participation in this promise means we live as if the kingdom has arrived. We are making the promise to bring in the kingdom a little more fully every day. Making this promise is a public act -- -- witnessing to others about both the kingdom and the Gospel.