Friday, March 4, 2016

Find a patch of holy ground

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Lent is a time to look for and to find a patch of holy ground,
a place, a time to stand before God, to meet him in his mercy,
and to let the fire of His love give us light to see our lives as they are:
not as we wish they were or pretend they are – but as they are
and to acknowledge, to confess, our need for God’s mercy.

Sunday after Sunday, Lent after Lent, year after year,
in spite of our forgetfulness, our faults and our failure to bear fruit,
the Lord sets this table for us
where he patiently cultivates his grace in our hearts
through the Eucharist, the gift of the Cross and the altar.

May this be the Lent, Lent 2016,
when we find the holy ground of God’s presence,
confess our need for his mercy,
and yield the fruit of his grace in our lives