Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Sunday Word

In Jesus Christ, the third person on the mountain of the transfiguration, we have a perfect response to the law and the prophets, and that response is called: Good news! Gospel!

Moses, the face of the law, is on the mountain with Jesus. So is Elijah, the face of the prophets. They are there with Jesus, the face of the gospel.

We've met Moses.

We've met Elijah.

That is, we know the law. We know we fail miserably to keep it.

We've heard the prophet. We know we're called to holiness. We know we've failed miserably to live righteously as we should.

Now meet Jesus.

He kept the law of God -- perfectly.

He lived a life of holiness -- perfectly.

And -- wait for it -- the good part, is that God has agreed to accept his perfection on our behalf.

Now, we are "free from the law" and free from religious obligations. This does not mean we're lawless or have no obligations. Even Jesus said that he did not come to destroy the law. No, because someone has kept the law for us when we could not keep it ourselves, we are able to serve to follow Jesus and serve God motivated by love and thanksgiving.

That's Jesus, the face of the gospel, the face of good news. The law and the prophets have been fulfilled in Christ who calls us to a new life in him.

We begun our Lenten journey toward the cross. Perhaps Jesus' conversation with Moses and Elijah was about this very journey.

In this story of the transfiguration, the face of the law and the face of the prophets meet the one who is the face of the good news.

In Jesus, the law and prophets come together, and we are set free.