Thursday, January 21, 2016

Marianist schools at 2016 March for Life

Today at 6:00 AM, around fifty Kellenberg Memorial juniors accompanied by Father Tom, Mr. and Mrs. Finn, Mr. and Mrs. Harnisch and Brother Michael boarded a coach bus ready for the five hour ride to the nation’s capital. The occasion: The 2016 Annual March for Life.

Arriving in D.C., the group will take some time to tour some of D.C.’s landmarks and survey the streets where they would be marching tomorrow. The juniors will also have the opportunity to visit the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in which the horrors of the holocaust are truly depicted. The museum offers students the unique opportunity to put themselves in the place of a holocaust victim, in order to fully understand the suffering endured by these men, women, and children.

Tomorrow, the day of the actual march, Chaminade High School will travel to DC to participate in the March.

We will be surrounded by people carrying signs and shouting chants, making their voices heard. The march brings people of all different backgrounds from all over the country for a singular purpose: to defend life.

After completing the March, the Marianists students will visit St. Joseph’s church for a short prayer service and an opportunity to speak with Bishop Murphy, who meets with participants on the march and blesses them as they fought to keep all life sacred!

March For Life 2013 from Kellenberg Memorial Video Produc on Vimeo.