Thursday, September 24, 2015

Pay attention

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Among all the distractions
whirling in me and around me,
help me stop today, to pause, to pray
to pay attention to you, Lord...

Help me pay attention
to how you attend to me,
ever watchful in your vigil,
through the day and through the night...

Help me pay attention
to what you whisper in my heart,
words to grace and guard and guide me
and keep me from harm's way...

Help me pay attention to your Spirit,
moving in my thoughts and plans;
help me attend to what you ask of me
and walk the path you chart...

Help me pay attention, Lord,
to all whose paths cross mine;
help me attend to others' needs
and to the gifts they offer me...

Clear my mind of its distractions
and my heart of fear and worry:
make a quiet place within me
where you and I can meet...

Make me mindful, Lord, of you
as I pray and just sit still:
in the silence of your presence
help me find you by my side...