Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Daily Word

Amazing detail
In the last half of today’s Gospel, Jesus tells his disciples that hearing and acting on the word of God is like building a house on rock while hearing and not acting on his word is like building a house on sand. This can be applied to so many areas in our own lives. And all of these areas need a strong foundation in faith and a willingness to act on that faith to survive all the storms that will inevitably come.

Belief in God and his support provides purpose and strength for the efforts required for successful relationships. Finding God in another provides the motive and ability to love them when they are not at their best and to put the other ahead of self. Trust in God’s unwavering love provides the ability to share and survive the pains and losses that come to every human relationship. Even friendships that are centered on God are not perfect because we are not perfect, but they are more likely to weather the trials and pains that come their way.