Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A prayer for vocations

We come today, Lord,
to be with you and to pay attention 
to what you say to us in the Gospel. 

We want to pray with a sense of urgency, 
that there may be laborers 
for the harvest of the Church. 

We want to remain with you, 
calmly, in silence, savoring your Presence. 

We offer you our vocation. 
Thank you for your call. 

We know that you listen to us. 
We are here because you call us. 
You have called us in different ways 
within the Marianist Family: 
a diversity of vocations, 
sisters, brothers, lay people. 

During this time of prayer, 
we ask you to strengthen 
each of our vocations 
and to give us the gift of new vocations.