Saturday, February 28, 2015

LENT - The Sunday Word

Several years ago there was a bestselling T-shirt that said, "Jesus is my homeboy." Maybe you've crafted a picture of Jesus that is simply that of a divine affirmer. This Jesus never lovingly confronts you with the law in order to draw you back to the Gospel, but is only there to say, "I got your back, buddy!"

Maybe you've noticed that some have transformed Jesus into a political trump card to be conveniently laid out as a means of winning arguments and shutting down debate on social media. Or perhaps you've seen him portrayed as the "genie for the faithful." You know how this Jesus works. If you pray enough, believe enough, or just plain try hard enough, Jesus will grant your wish for a spiritual breakthrough. Or maybe you've recently heard someone has transformed Jesus into the likeness of a simple, first-century guru. Nothing more.

This is why we need the transfiguration. This is why we revisit this familiar territory. We come back to this particular storyline because in the last year we've built a false picture of Jesus. We've laid our assumptions, our agendas and our designs upon Jesus. We've sat with him -- knowing that there is more than meets the eye -- and tried to turn Him into something that suits our fancy. Saint Mark reminds us of who Jesus really is and who we need Him to be.

Jesus is not just a great teacher. He is greater than the great teacher Moses and the great prophet Elijah. They bow to Him.

Jesus is not just an enlightened man. He's God in flesh and his glory shines brighter than clothes could ever be bleached.

He's not your card to be played in arguments or puppet beholden to your commands; He's the Father's "beloved Son." We listen to Him. He rules over us.

Every once in a while we need Him to bust out of whatever box we've placed Him into, transform into His glorious self, and remind us that He is the one true God.