Saturday, August 4, 2012

St. John Mary Vianney

Our fundamental vocation in life is to be saints.
There is no other purpose in life than this.
So, what is a saint?

A saint is one who knows he is a sinner.
A saint is a true scientist, a philosopher, he knows the Truth.
He sees what is right in front of him.
A saint knows what is real.

A saint is an idealist.
A saint embraces joy.
He embraces suffering and love.
A saint knows what is real joy.

A saint is a slave to Christ.
A saint conquers himself.
He is a doormat for Christ.
A saint knows he conquers the world.

A saint marries God "for better or for worse."
A saint marries God "for richer or poorer."
He is totally attached and faithful and dependent on God.

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Pray for the Canonization of Blessed William Joseph Chaminade

"In general, we must maintain a great freedom of mind and heart in the practice of the Christian and religious virtues. The laws of Jesus Christ are not laws of servitude; however strict they may be, they are the laws of grace and of love. “We have been called,” says St. Paul, “to the liberty of the children of God”                                                                                        Blessed William Joseph Chaminade