Monday, February 13, 2012

Marianist Monday

Pope Benedict wrote last year,

"A fundamental element, one which can be seen in every vocation ... is friendship with Christ. Jesus lived in constant union with the Father and this is what made the disciples eager to have the same experience; from him they learned to live in communion and unceasing dialogue with God. Prayer is the first form of witness which awakens vocations. Like the Apostle Andrew, who tells his brother that he has come to know the Master, so too anyone who wants to be a disciple and witness of Christ must have “seen” him personally, come to know him, and learned to love him and to abide with him."
The Little Sisters of the Poor gather during the 23rd Annual Junior-Senior Prom in Queens Village last week.
Mother Mary Richard, lsp enjoyed the festivities where over 90 Marianist high school students hosted the annual dance.
Mother Margaret Charles and Sister Alice pause during the Fiesta.
First time attending the prom was not a disappointment to Mother Celine.
The Littles Sisters of the Poor, Marianists, faculty and students.
Brother Patrick join in the festivities.
 Brother Peter and Father James.