Monday, February 6, 2012

Marianist Monday

World Youth Day pilgrims from the Province of Meribah
visit and pray at the grave of
Blessed William Joseph Chaminade
When we are overwhelmed
by some insight or perception
we often resort to images and even superlatives
in order to express what we see.

Such was the case with Blessed William Joseph Chaminade in regard to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Blessed Chaminade was deeply moved,
in a sense beyond himself,
by the way God had taken Mary into His love.

We believe in the effectiveness of Mary's presence.

We believe that we are called to bring the influence of her presence everywhere.

We believe in the power of her presence.

We dedicate ourselves to communicate Mary's presence in everything we do.

Blessed Chaminade says,'

"Our work is far reaching;
It is magnificient.
If it is universal, 
the reason is that we are missionaries of Mary,
who said to us:
"Do whatever he tells you."
Indeed. everyone of you is a missionary."