Saturday, May 7, 2011

"And they recognized Him in the breaking of the bread."

Both of our Marianist high schools commission a selective group of students to assist at the Student Body Masses, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, distribution of Holy Communion to the Sick and Elderly, Midday Prayer and all the other liturgical functions in the schools. Recently the two high schools inducted close to 90 juniors to assist the school and community.

Their families were able to witness their commissioning at one of the high schools.
The Kearney clan gathered afterwards for brunch.
Connor Barrett and family after the Commissioning Ceremony.
Just a small part of the Connolly family gathered in the Millennium Room. 
Pictured are the newly commissioned Special Ministers of the Eucharist with Marianists Brother Michael & Father Thomas as well as a close friend of the Marianists, Monsignor Robert Morrissey.
Father Thomas prepares to proclaim the Gospel.
The New Ministers listen carefully to the first reading.
Junior Martin Dara reads the Prayer of the Faithful petitions.
Ailie Posillico dirtributes the Body of Christ to the freshmen in the Gymnasium Mass.
Noelle Harvey gathered with family after the Mass.
Sean Doctor and his mother pause for a moment.
Kevin Liddy and his mother smile for the camera.
The Anding clan share their joy with their Special Minister of the Eucharist.