Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Triduum Begins - Holy Thursday

The Brothers of the Province of Meribah gather together during these Holy days to spend time in prayer, contemplation and community. The communities of the Province celebrate these Holy days on retreat.

The Gospel of St. John recounts two exchanges between Jesus and Peter. Peter does not want to have his feet washed  by Jesus. His resistance goes against the understanding of the relationship between the Master and his disciple. Christ must not lower himself or practice humility.

Over and over Jesus has to assist us in recognizing that God's power is different. The Messiah must pass through suffering into glory and must lead all of us along the same path.

The second exchange between Jesus and Peter comes after Judas' departure. Peter asks Christ, "Where are you going?" Peter understands that he is speaking of his approaching death and he wants to affirm his fidelity to Christ.