Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Prepare - Ponder - Pray

If you are going to “make the most” of each Mass, it is important for us to prepare our hearts, minds, and bodies prior to walking into church on Sunday.

So, how to ready our hearts: Take time to ponder before you go to Mass. Think about the desires and intentions of your heart you want to place before Lord that day. Also, prepare your heart to praise Him in all His glory during Mass.

So, how to ready our minds: Michael Dubruiel, in The How-to Book of the Mass, points out that “Some of us play an intellectual game at Mass of finding fault with the way the Mass is celebrated…But the Mass is not a place for us to sit back like a movie and to find fault; rather, it is a place to encounter Jesus Christ”

How to ready our bodies: We should all take the time to examine our thoughts, words, and actions before Mass.

The warm-up sets the pace for the game. How we prepare for Mass will help guide our prayer and focus during the Mass. This Sunday, prepare yourself for who you are about to encounter at Mass—Jesus. He’s truly present, so we should want to give Him our best!