Monday, January 3, 2011

God is everywhere

We call yesterday's feast "Epiphany," the Greek word meaning "manifestation." On this great feast, Christ is made manifest to the world, in a place we might never have expected. But our lives are made up of countless smaller epiphanies -- discoveries that also defy expectations, and that can sometimes shed light on our world, just as the star shed its light on Bethlehem.

God is made manifest everywhere.

This time of year, His grace is revealed to us in the faces of our the smiles of our the comfort of having those we love close to us. And the epiphanies explode around us.

The epiphany of sharing a story...a friend sharing a joke...a student sharing fears or hopes or secrets. There is the epiphany of having someone shake your hand in welcome and friendship. And there is the awesome epiphany of all: preparing  to behold a slender piece of bread that is our Creator, and our savior.

There is the epiphany of holding that -- and holding Him -- in the palm of your hand.

Like the magi, we are all searching. We are all searching for God. And we are all magi bearing a gift with something to offer. We are all journeying toward an unknown place of promise, guided by a never-ending light.

We are not guided by our GPS, although that can be very handy. We are guided by something greater. And that light assures us of this: if we follow it all the way, no matter how strange the road or unfamiliar the map...we will never be lost.

Listen to this fine performance by the Godwin High School Madrigals, under the direction of Sherri Matthews, and their stunning rendition of We Three Kings, arranged by Darmon Meader.

Tomorrow begins our College Age Retreat at the Meribah Retreat House.

Pray for those who will go on  the program which begins at 4:00 p.m.