Thursday, April 15, 2010

EASTER JOY: Is God Calling?

The beach has in the past few years become a very spiritual place for me to visit over the summer. I always enjoyed going to the beach when I was younger and I still love to go. I especially love bodyboarding in big waves and attempting to get up on a surfboard now and again. Just the other day, over my Easter vacation, I decided to take a trip down to the beach because a friend told me the waves were good. So I grabbed me wetsuit and went down there. Once I got onto the beach I finally paddled out and waited for a wave. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining warm on my face, and my friends were enjoying some beach volleyball on shore. The cold water ran through my wetsuit but I didn’t mind. God gave me this beautiful day and beautiful waves as well.

The first big wave came and I started to paddle towards shore, picking up speed as the wave began to push me forward. As I caught the wave I took a face-dive down the face of the wave and was pummeled by what seemed to be mountains of water over me. As I was being tossed and flipped under the water for what seemed like minutes I fought viciously underneath the water to reach the water’s surface. The wave finally was done breaking and spit me out onto shore. I got out, unhooked my leash, unzipped the wetsuit, and walked back over to where my friends were. Beach volleyball seemed a lot more promising than the choppy waves out there.

Hours later I finally reached home and almost passed out on my bed. I looked over on my desk and saw the large Crucifix that my great aunt had given to me earlier this year. I started to think that it was definitely God who was protecting me in the water today, especially when I was being tossed around. I looked up towards the ceiling at said “Thanks Big Guy.” But then I had a change of thought. I started to think about the whole idea of “God’s ocean” and all the other parallels between God and the ocean that has been made throughout Christianity. I realized that God was tossing me around underneath the water. I realized a parallel - Those big waves was my religious vocation- so powerful, overwhelming, and able to take hold of you by storm. But I was resisting those waves, fighting back, and I was struggling more because of that. Instead, I should have just let the waves take me, allow myself to be tossed around for a few seconds, and then paddle back out to catch some more. So I pray that I can allow myself to be taken by the waves, just allow the vocation to take me by storm. Enough of worldly distractions that enrapture teenagers these days such as parties, girls, and sports dominating one’s life. If you want to enjoy this life God has given you, live out your vocation. Easier said than done sometimes, but ride the waves, you won’t regret it.