Monday, April 26, 2010

EASTER JOY: Marianist Musings

This is the third in a series of student reflections from from the Life Teen Leadership Conference this past summer. Over 500 young men and women gathered together to learn and express their faith.

"The week at the Life Teen Leadership Conference was unlike anything I have ever experienced before. While we were there I was able to learn about the Catholic Church and how to be a good Christian. Listening to the various speakers showed me different perspectives on how I should be a Catholic leader.

My favorite part of the trip was worshipping during Adoration in a more expressive manner while Matt Maher played music. Also, I was able to get to know the other students from Chaminade and Kellenberg Memorial and establish new friendships. In addition to learning and getting to know the other students, one of the most memorable parts of the trip was eating in the dining hall. Not only was there a large variety of food to choose from, but also the food was very delicious. While we were in the dining hall, I was also able to meet several kids from other States and learn what it was like for them at home. Over the course of the trip my faith has strengthened. Having Mass in the Basilica made me want to be more influential in my parish at home."
Justin La Marca