Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Blessed Chaminade - A man of faith

Blessed William Joseph Chaminade's remains have been placed in this altar in Bordeaux, France
A Prayer Inspired by Blessed Chaminade's 
"Method of Prayer on the Creed" 
for the Year of Faith

My God, you are all that fills my poverty.
I come before you to adore you.
In the name of Jesus, your Son,
and with him, like Mary, his mother,
I come to praise you and to bless you,
to thank you for the gifts received
from you, and to beg the graces I need
to be faithful today and at every
moment of my life.

Lord , increase in me the light of faith,
so that knowing you better
and knowing myself always more fully,
I may love you alone, think only of you,
and look nowhere else except
to you in all things.

Holy Spirit, source of all light and grace
it is you who must direct and guide me.
Mary, you who are my Mother,
present me to Jesus,
who is the way, the truth, and the life
for all ages unending. Amen.

Enrique Aguilera, S.M. and Jose Maria Arnaiz, S.M.