Saturday, December 1, 2018

St Andrew

Today's first reading for the Feast of St Andrew is an insightful outline of the role of preaching in God’s saving work. It states that faith comes from hearing but asks "how can they hear unless there is a preacher for them?" St. Andrew quickly came to the faith and then proclaimed to his brother, Peter - "we have found the Christ” – and he took Simon to Jesus. Later Andrew was involved in introducing the Greeks to Jesus.

Andrew’s example highlights things that are at the heart of preaching. Those that preach must realize how important their faith in Jesus can be to others. In preaching we are sharing the love, genuineness, and sensitivity of the Gospel with others. When we preach we are pointing the other person to Jesus and even usherin them gently into the presence of the living Christ. St Andrew certainly serves as a model for all these things that would assist in preaching the Gospel.

Saint Andrew, pray for the Marianists and for all those who preach the Gospel that we may have the zeal and love to speak appropriately of Jesus and the Gospel, as well as the expectant faith and prudent patience to trust Jesus to make himself real to people in God’s own timing and way, Amen.