Sunday, October 21, 2018

The Sunday Word

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Today's Gospel has Jesus telling his disciples that following him means thinking of themselves as people who:

• deny themselves for Jesus’ sake and for the sake of the Gospel, this may include risking and accepting worldly shame;

• are focused on Jesus and his words above all others;

• remain humbly dependent on God’s power to do God’s work;

• do not play the games of competitiveness, one-upmanship or glory grasping but choose the role of least of all and slave to all;

• relinquish control for who does what and how they do it in the kingdom;

• keep children at the center of their work, even when it appears distracting; and

• do not become overburdened by possessions but receive the gift of the hundredfold promise.

And after all that, James and John ask for places of special recognition! Unbelievable!