Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Tuesday Tunes

“To know, love and serve” by Maria A. Smith
In honor of the Marianist bicentennial – recorded during the St. Mary’s University Marianist Heritage Mass at Holy Rosary Parish 1/26/2017

With great thanksgiving and loving praise
we come to bless your name O God!
Your goodness is unending your mercy is profound.
With Mary you have called us to know, love and serve.
As we look to our past we remember our mission and our call:
 to know, love and serve
with the passion of Christ,
with hearts ever open to your life.

May we listen with care
as you speak of the yearnings of your heart.

With Mary we come to surrender our will;
to serve all who thirst for your love.

Let these jars filled with fears become empty and purified.
Renew our hearts, may our “yes”
be sincere as we bring your compassion to our world.
Send your spirit of hope to refresh and renew our hearts.
Together as one we bear witness to Christ to see peace and justice once again.