Wednesday, April 19, 2017

EASTER JOY: Simple wood

So this morning before daily mass at our high school, I was asked if I can write a reflection once a week. I am not going to lie to you, I thought to myself, “What in the world can I write about?” I mean it seems right now the biggest thing for me is to live in preparation for my future endeavors with this vocation, and to deal with the struggle with girls that keep lingering for some reason. That seems to be the case for most high school guys who have a vocation, right?

Well, as I helped prepare what was needed for this morning’s Mass, I was thinking about what I should write about next. Making small talk with our celebrant, Fr. Tom, as well as Brother Michael and a few other students, I opened up one of the cabinets to grab a chalice to be used during Mass. Among the many beautiful chalices we have in that sacristy, my favorite by far has to be the very simple chalice that is made from olive wood. It’s interesting how something so important- a chalice, used to hold the Precious Blood – can be so simple. I don’t know why, but the simple shape and material it’s made from appeals to me. It makes me focus on humility whenever I receive the Precious Blood from that particular chalice.

Now my mind went spinning for some reason trying to figure out a topic to write about (I only had about a day to write this reflection). Out of nowhere I began to think about how wood is such a simple object, but so important, especially in my life. For example, even though I am a terrible surfer, I realized that the first surfboards people ever used were made out of wood. And apparently, this “lax bro” epidemic that I am trying to stay out of made me think… and guess what! The first lacrosse sticks ever used…wooden lax sticks! My house, well the foundation is made out of wood. Who knew how important wood could be?

Now you are wondering where in God’s name am I going with this reflection. Well here it is.

Jesus Christ was born in a cheap wooden manger, probably very simple and small. Nothing too fancy, a true sign of humility. As the years went on and the Big Guy hit puberty, guess what He and Joseph were doing with their lives? Carpentry! Years go by and guess what Jesus goes and does for us? Allows himself to be brutally scorned, whipped, beaten, and nailed to wood in the shape of a cross to save the world from sin.

Pretty incredible to think about in my opinion. A little over 2,000 years later and Jesus is still calling us. Do you have the tools to work with wood? Pray about it, you’ll figure it out then.

Contributed by one of our Marianist high school students