Thursday, December 17, 2015

Advent - Our encounter with God

The Advent message comes out of our encounter with God, with the gospel. 

It is thus the message that shakes – so that in the end the entire world shall be shaken. 

The fact that the son of man shall come again is more than a historic prophecy; it is also a decree that God’s coming and the shaking up of humanity are somehow connected. 
If we are inwardly inert, incapable of being genuinely moved, if we become obstinate and hard and superficial and cheap, then God himself will intervene in world events. 

He will teach us what it means to be placed in turmoil and to be inwardly stirred. 

Then the great question to us is whether we are still capable of being truly shocked – or whether we will continue to see thousands of things that we know should not be and must not be and yet remain hardened to them. 

In how many ways have we become indifferent and used to things that ought not to be?