Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Sunday Word

JOY that's what this Sunday is all about!

Jesus prayed that his disciples would experience joy: "so that they may have my joy made complete in themselves."

Have you ever traveled with a group on a tour? If so, you know what that's like. You can throw in your own story here. It's not long before you've got people tagged. The person who's always late, holding up the bus. The person who's going to talk your ear off. The person who knows everything, even more than the tour guide.

And then there's the Complainer. This is the person who doesn't like the food. Doesn't like the bed. Doesn't like the hotel. Doesn't like the people. You're thinking, "Why don't you just go back from where you came? Why did you even sign up for this trip of a lifetime?"

Jesus knows all about this. His disciples don't have passports anymore for this world. They're of another world, God's world. He wants them to experience joy. Attitude is important. This attitude adjustment comes from the Holy Spirit. If you cannot be happy on your assignment in this world, well, you are either in for a long, miserable life, or you're going to go over to the dark side, and then it's all over.